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Reason why Human Resources Employment Offers Achievements
Reason Why?:
Although all persons in this country are entitled to equal rights and equal protection of laws under the
Article 21 of the Constitution of India, the mentally disabled are still excluded in many cases.
There is not only a lack in providing scholar education for mentally disabled children, as the official
Government Statistics reveal, also the chances for an employment after school are vanishing small.
Even the ‘Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act’,
does not improve the situation. The Act does not increase the likelihood for the mentally disabled of
getting work and becoming equal members of their community.
Goal of the ‘Disabilities Act’ is the integration of persons with disabilities and to provide them with
  opportunities for a full participation in society. Mental retardation is also included in the Act, besides other
  disabilities. Nevertheless, mentally retarded persons are not included in employment offers.
To ensure employment for the disabled, the ‘Disabilities Act’ provides a reservation of 3% of identified posts
  in government establishments. But each 1% is for:
  (i) persons with blindness or low vision
  (ii) persons with hearing impairments and
  (iii) persons with locomotor disability. Mentally retarded are barred of these jobs.
Therefore Karunaii Trust sees the necessity of searching work for their grown up students in the private
  sector. Thus, also in the private economy are no reservations, we are in need of the humanity of
  entrepreneurs to let our young adults show their skills. Because Karunaii Trust represents various special
  schools in Chennai, we are sure to find a suitable employee for every employer.
Please do not hesitate to send your details to our databases, if you can provide work or human resources.
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